Bragworthy Brewskis

Review of small batch craft beer, exclusively from Long After Dark in Phnom Penh.

One of the fun perks that comes with enjoying craft beer in Cambodia is the bragging rights one acquires. The suds here are about as exclusive as they get, with only a dozen craft breweries operating country-wide and none of it being distributed beyond the Kingdom’s borders.

And it’s damn delicious.

Cambodia is, pretty much, the mecca for rare and undiscovered craft beer. Once you’ve had a pint, no mustache-bearing, skinny-jeans-wearing, ultra-urban-dwelling, vinyl-spinning, ironic-graphic-t-shirt-buying, denizen-of-cyberspace, hipster beer snob –who likes to one-up everybody with his most-obscure, draft-quaffing escapades –will have anything on you.

So, if craft beer from the Kingdom of Wonder is rare, then a limited, small batch selection, on tap, at a cozy little bar in Phnom Penh, is virtually a unicorn.

This cryptozoologic find was the craft barley pop jackpot offered at Long After Dark last weekend. Below is a review of the bubbly treasures of liquid courage that flowed from their taps, and a good reason to keep an eye on them for their next small batch event.



7.6% ABV

Appearance: The color of cedar wood with an appetizing honey haze.
Aroma: Reminiscent of cozying up in a cedar log cabin secluded in the wild woods of the American Northwest
Taste: The piney-est and resiny-est beer in Phnom Penh next to Riel's IPA. A quintessential American Pale Ale. Grapefruit is very evident from the selection of Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra hops. Maltiness lingers in the mouth, giving rise to caramel notes as you progress. 



6.2% ABV

Appearance: Soft sunlight viewed through the clouds. 
Aroma: Soft and inviting fruit, like baking a peach pie. It makes your mouth start to water.
Taste: Doughy. A fresh, slightly, ,under-baked pizza-crust taste that's yummy and yeasty. There's a bubblegum aftertaste, just like Hoegaarden. Lingering clove finishes this classic wheat beer.  



6.2% ABV

Appearance: Bronze
Aroma: Surprisingly malty
Taste: A smoothie of bitter Centennial and Amarillo hops through and through. Never mellows and remains refreshingly strong and balanced from start to finish.



4.2% ABV

Appearance: The night sky before Christmas
Aroma: Roasted cocoa beans
Taste: Bananas and slightly nutty. This is a sudsy curve ball (just one of the more delightful parts of trying craft beer in Cambodia). You think you know your stout, then along comes something surprising like this.  


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